 Why choose “Pharmacy” as Profession?

September 21, 2018

Written By:  Nirmal Malik, Punjab University College of Pharmacy, Lahore.

Pharmacy is a healthcare profession which relates chemical sciences with health sciences. It is the field of service as well as innovation. It entertains the privilege of being enlisted in the top careers of the world. In Pakistan, it is one of the rapidly developing careers with a valuable market demand.

Diversified and highly respected career options, pleasant working environments, smart colleagues, and exceptional salary – these are the typical reasons why people decide to pursue a career in pharmacy. There is a wide range of scope covered by pharmacy studies therefore one can find job opportunities in hospitals, laboratories and research centers as well as in the industrial, clinical, forensic, retail and educational sectors.

It is a rewarding career not only in terms of salary, but also because it has job growth potential. You can interact with different people and get a chance to enhance your skills.

Pharmacy gains importance because it plays the role of compounding and dispensing drugs. A pharmacist is involved in the patient care directly be contributing to clinical, biochemical, microbiological, and immunological services, as well as indirectly by drug promotion, family planning programs, patient counseling, suggesting preventive measures, epidemic awareness and national screening. On the other hand, a pharmacist renders drug services which include its formulation, enhancing drug activity, cost effective production and proper dispensing.

Pharmacy is a growing profession with its increasing worth all over the world which makes this profession attractive!