5 Ways To Survive In A Pharmacy School

October 7, 2018

Written By:  Afifa Tarik, Graduate from Punjab University College of Pharmacy, Lahore.

Undergraduate education has always been a fascinating honor for a student, but sometimes students enter in a pharmacy school with undernourished confidence or fully drained in chaos of anxiety and depression. Most of them are unaware of the services of a qualified and licensed pharmacist. I suggest once you get admission in a pharmacy institution try to discover new norms of this multidisciplinary profession. Here I will give you 5 different ways to live and acquaint yourself in a pharmacy school:

     1. Be a nerd

Closure with books never goes out of fashion. Paying regular tributes to library with your presence can anchor your feet in your subjects. Being on the first bench and the first one to answer will definitely help you to become an apple of your teacher’s eye and believe me, this designation brings many blessings. On grabbing the books from the shelves, you will also realize that most of your foundation subjects are parallel to MBBS studies. This will calm down the inside blazes of those students who dreamt to study in a medical school.

 2. Being optimistic

This is the most prevalent way of enjoying life in pharmacy school. Let the sun rise and moon shine but don’t allow hectic lectures to get on your nerves. You don’t need to get hard on yourself with bruises of books. Have a regular know-how of teachers and their subjects, keep yourself aware of the pace of course and then let it pass. I would recommend you to sit on middle benches. In this way you will be less prone to teacher’s eye unless you and your friend are caught up discussing any international affair. Just remember, at the end of the day everything will be fine, every storm of pharmacology will settle and every viva will pass. Your heart may skip a beat when you will come to know about upcoming session exams, but I know some snacks will normalize it.

3.  Jack of all trades

Enter in a pharmacy school on 1st, join literary society on 7th, sports society on 14th, and dramatic society on 21st, slide into event management and in this way keep buzzing around and be an integral part of all extracurricular activities. This will help you build social circle of such a huge circumference that no one would imagine a batch without you.

4.  The MI agent

Play it cool and never show your cards. Another substantial way to excel in pharmacy school is to keep an eagle eye on every single lecture penned down by your fellows, but never share the shadow of your work sheets. Make sure you equip yourself with all the recommended books and supplementary notes at your home and you are following a good study routine at your headquarter. But always pretend that it’s Grey’s anatomy, not that bulky anatomy books that make you look tiring.

5.  A stitch in time saves nine

Devise practical approaches for your upcoming goals and divide your clock wisely. Try to set equilibrium between perks of university life and responsibility of studies. Energize yourself with friends and then utilize this energy for your targets. Surround yourself with positivity and you are all set to lead your life!