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In Pakistan young pharmacists are growing up without opportunities, information and services they need to reach their full potential. Among the large countries in the world in terms of population, Pakistan has by far one of the largest number of pharmacists. Should such a young population be regarded as a burden or an asset? We have an opportunity to turn our very large community of pharmacists into a productive asset. Pharmacists face financial, psychological and socio economic problems. So after observing these problems and facts, there was a felt need to introduce Pakistan on international forum and to initiate a platform where young pharmacists can have an opportunity to get inspired by the efforts of our great leaders of the past to empower them. PPHSF PAKISTAN CHAPTER is an initiative to promote pharmacists from all walks of life whose expertise is independent, insightful and highly impactful. The need to promote pharmacy has become an important feature in the contemporary world. For a nation like Pakistan which is an amalgamation of so many cultures; talent in field of Pharmacy is indeed one it’s most precious commodity. The late economic downturns has brought a completely different image of Pakistan in forward. The purpose of IPSF Pakistan chapter is to position Pakistan the best way possible in world’s pharmacy system. We’re here to serve a much deeper purpose

Aims and Objectives

  • Establishing a platform for the Pharmacists of Pakistan.
  • Creating awareness and promoting profession of pharmacy.
  • Establishing Pharmacy societies within different universities to link pharmacy students nationally and internationally.
  • Helping pharmacy related international organizations in organizing their events and campaigns in Pakistan.
  • Organizing workshops and seminars for the pharmacy community of Pakistan with the aim to train the pharmacist on international standards.
  • Initiating exchange programs between different universities to know the research work going on in the field of Pharmacy.
  • Building relationships with other professional organizations and playing an effective role to connect pharmacists with other health professionals.
  • Publication of work by Pakistani pharmacists to appreciate their efforts in the field of research.
  • Creating the platform which will analyze the problems and then present the solutions of problems faced by pharmacists in Pakistan to authorities dealing with the matter.

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  • Success Story of Our Member

    Nirmal Naveed ( 2nd year student of PU) represented Pakistan in 65TH IPSF WORLD CONGRESS – KIGALI, RWANDA , Its a proud moment for Pakistan as Pakistani student participated in the world congress for the first time. Pakistan Pharmaceutical Students Federation take this opportunity to motivate pharmacy students of Pakistan to take part in conferences … Continue reading Success Story of Our Member
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    Memberships of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Students`s Fedration are now open. To Get the Memberships kindly visit the following link, or Contact us if having any question or query. http://pphsf.com/membership/