Antimicrobial resistance

November 17, 2018

Written by:  Afifa Tariq, graduated from Punjab University College of Pharmacy


“All the best things in this life are discovered by chance’’.

Penicillin, a natural antibiotic, a great surveyor to mankind, was discovered by chance. But in a broad manner, it was actually nature’s intervention to save human race on planet.

Antibiotics are well-equipped class of drugs that fight against micro lives to protect giant kingdoms of lives. So they are not merely medicines, they are warriors that fight with utmost bounty. Then why our lives are still threatened by diseases? Why people are dying not because of lack of medicines, but because of these live savers? Why our heroic medicines are producing so much collateral damage to our generations? Why these micro lives are still kidding on our nerves?

The answer lies in one single word ‘’Resistance”. A huge negligence by health professionals has turned these guardian angels into weapon of mass destruction by their irrational and abusive use. By default they were specific in action for specific disease for specific period of time; unfortunately the integrity of the guidelines was not maintained. Each year in U.S. 23,000 people die because of resistance to antibiotics. This resistance has transformed the simple bacteria into SUPER BUGS, which is spreading worldwide.

MRSA, CRE, Drug resistant malaria, streptococcus pneumonia, drug resistant Neisseria and gonorrhea are some of those deadly diseases which have been evolved due to this RESISTANCE.

The overdoses and misuses have made this issue a health pressing issue. Irrational use of antibiotics has developed mutations in the causative agents and its becoming tough day by day to eradicate them.

For the purpose to create awareness among health professionals and general public Antibiotic week is conducted across the globe with this aim that one day we will be able to get back our defense line. In this regard some crucial steps are needed to be taken on immediate basis to minimize the spread of drug resistance in humans.

  • Don’t take antibiotics for minor ailments like seasonal cold, cough and fever.
  • Make sure to follow your prescription whole-heartedly; don’t do any amendments on your own.
  • Medicines are prescribed for a particular patient; don’t share your medicines with others.
  • Don’t take antibiotics for longer period of time e.g. more than 15 days

In a nut shell, God has devised cure for every disease and blessed us with the reasoning. It is the need of the hour to understand the severity of this resistance. Although the amplitude of resistance is already at its climax, still many million lives around the globe can be rescued. We need to take responsibility to eliminate the abuse and misuse of antibiotics so that the resistance to the efficient cure of diseases is minimized and we are able to secure the better health conditions of future generations!