Hurdles Faced By a Pharmacist

October 16, 2018

Written by:  Zainab Shahid, College of Pharmacy, University of Sargodha.

“Problems are actually the opportunities in disguise. 

Not by choice but by fate is the situation of the majority of the individuals  entering to this noble profession , here lies the first problem , lack of acceptance by the individuals which eventually leads to lack of dedication and motivation in uplifting the profession. Such individuals fail to see the opportunities which are at their footsteps and it leads to their failure. The point to be conveyed is that one should keep his intentions pure. If it is written in the fate, accept it with grace and give your 100%.

Lack of awareness regarding the pharmacy profession is another problem, though pharmacy is the 3rd ranked profession in America and highly ranked in most of the countries but in Pakistan even educated ones are not aware of pharmacists and their services, though the reason behind it lies in the lack of confidence in this profession and it actually overshadows the dexterity of the pharmacists.

Poorly defined role of pharmacists is another problem to the pharmacist community. Young pharmacists and even the students not knowing the job profile of a pharmacist is worth noticing. How can a professional work effectively without having a proper role model and a code of responsibilities before him. A proper documentation of what a pharmacist does is essential. From an audit’s perspective, adage “if it is not documented, it is not done” applies even more today. Government should introduce many model pharmacies to train the students and the professionals according to the international standards documentation on code of conduct.

Lack of resources is also one of the major problems faced by the pharmacists. Despite having the same level of intelligence, pharmacists are not enjoying proportionate benignant circumstances as provided to other doctors. The government should pay a serious attention to it. This little step from government can save thousands of lives every year by recognizing the pivotal role of pharmacists.

Bullying is yet another problem often faced by pharmacists. Making them feel inferior is one of the favorite tasks of other health care professionals. Comparisons make them feel deprived. Pharmacists should actually boost themselves up because they are the base of the health care profession. If a surgeon operates the organs, a pharmacist cures the cells by targeting medicines. Rather than spending energy on answering to the bullies and fighting, one should spend the whole energy in working for the profession.


Problems are the situations which make us think and force us to be innovative and resourceful; they make us learn what we do not know before. Likewise, solutions are in front of us that are honesty, loyalty and hard work. All healthcare professionals should also recognize the importance of pharmacists and work as a team for the betterment of patients. After all giving a helping hand to the patients is our combined mission!