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PPHSF will be extending to pharmacy students different opportunities as temporary intern, reporting to various hospitals, retail, community and industrial outlooks. As a member of PPHSF, pharmacy students will have exposure to
internships where they are accepted to work accordingly. Over hundreds of pharmacy undergraduates in Pakistan face internship obstacles each year, with subscribing to PPHSF you will create an account where you can begin with our postings and managing internships, with a high-traffic resource from every city of Pakistan.A student has to observe all practices and policies governing the conduct of PPHSF, including prohibition to any unethical behavior and discrimination. In case of failure to contribute during internship tenure, and disobey of any code of conduct, PPHSF may terminate your internship at any time, and supersedes replacing any prior inconsistent statement by the internee. We hope that your collaboration with PPHSF as a student member will be both successful and rewarding for your career. Indicate any of your queries to PPHSF official email link.

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    Memberships of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Students`s Fedration are now open. To Get the Memberships kindly visit the following link, or Contact us if having any question or query.