There are following membership categories in PPHSF

1)Core Team Members :

Members who started the organisation will always be considered as the permanent members. Giving yearly fee is mandatory for these members.

2) Individual Members :

New members would be given the category of individual membership. It is the membership category through which students and professionals want to apply can enter into the organisation. Membership process start from the July and completed till October. Specific fee would be prescribed in every year for this category by finance department.

3)Full Members :

Members that worked for the PPHSF for one year would be considered as full member.For becoming a full member certain membership fee is prescribed every year by finance department.

4)Associated Members :

This category is dedicated to student societies of pharmacy universities. Yearly fee is also prescribed for this category by finance department.

5) Friends of PPHSF :

Societies from other professions can be the part of PPHSF for building up liaison. No fee is charged for this category.

6)Advisory Members :

Advisory members would be the honoree members who would be offered membership for providing guidance and supervision. No fee is charged for this membership.


This membership category is offered to office holders from different regulatory organisations and Pakistan Pharmacist Association .No fee is charged for this membership.