Our Team

Sohail Siddique Khan

Founder of PPHSF

Graduate of Hamdard Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Islamabad.

The idea of founding PPHSF was initiated when he gathered a core team of highly talented pharmacists to address the problems of Pakistani pharmacy students and pharmacists all around the world. To create a space for the pharmacists of Pakistan where they can execute their ideas and work collectively for the rise of pharmacy profession is his vision behind initiating this organisation. Light of creativity and professionalism drives him to achieve his goals. Also working along with different youth organisation of National Youth Parliament Pakistan and Revolution Flame.

    Yusra Saleem

    Director International Relations

    Presently studying MPharm from University of Tasmania.

    I feel challenged and stimulated everyday. To me Pharmacy is more than preparing or dispensing drugs. It’s about promoting health awareness and contributing to the betterment of our community
    The core team we are working with are friendly and helpful taking the hard work out of finding pharmacist in Pakistan. We welcome enthusiastic pharmacist around the country to be a part of PPHSF and make a difference.

      Yaseen Abdullah

      Director Marketing, PPHSF

      I am a pharmacist and public health professional. I am looking after different marketing operations of the group. PPHSF has a team which is full of talent and passion. They are self motivated and dedicated for flourishing the profession in true scene with complete focus on practical issue.  I would wholeheartedly recommend PPHSF to all of pharmacy students and professionals.

        Fatima Hasnain

        Director External Affairs

        On the ground in some of the world’s most troubled places, the  PPHSF team helps pharmacists at their moment of greatest need — providing assistance, voice and safety to young Pharmacists. And we stay for as long as we are able to help in the rebuilding of lives  in profession of Pharmacy. I feel redeemed to serve PPHSF; and hope to continue to progress my passion for Pharmacy and enthusiasm for getting my job done.


          Mahrukh Ali

          Director HR, PPHSF

          PPHSF explores the different aspects of pharmacy profession providing a  platform for the pharmacist of Pakistan to clear their confusions and misconceptions. PPHSF is the organization of pharmacy that focus on the counselling of pharmacist to embellish them with every aspect of pharmacy to excel throughout their career. PPHSF also focuses on different public health related problems in Pakistan and highlight at presidential level. Every member of our organisation is fully motivated and dedicated for the betterment of pharmacy profession in Pakistan.