World Pharmacists Day – September 25

September 25, 2018

 Written By:  Nirmal Malik, Punjab University College of Pharmacy, Lahore.

When asked to comment on being medicine experts, these young pharmacists stated their views as follows:

“A pharmacist is more than you can imagine; a specialist in medications. He is a counselor to the patients and a guardian of public health. He checks the prescriptions to ensure error free treatment, provides advice about the dosage and participates in the ward rounds to collect case history and hypersensitivity of the patients; precisely dispensing and inventory management.

“Pharmacists provide you with the best quality of products by utilizing their expertise from selection of raw material till the provision of effective finished product to the right patient.” 

FIP (International pharmaceutical federation) commemorates the work of pharmacists all over the world on September 25. This day is designated as “World Pharmacists Day”. It is celebrated globally in order to appreciate the work of pharmacists in health sector and to encourage their services to the patients.  The role of pharmacists is advocated and promoted and a general awareness is raised to make people acknowledge the position of pharmacists. For 2018, FIP has selected “Pharmacists – your medicine experts” as the theme. (

As the life advances, people accumulate different types of diseases which, whether fatal or not, must be alleviated so as to stop its adverse effects on the body. All around the globe, pharmacists work on daily basis to provide effective solutions to health issues. The key role played by pharmacists being medicine experts are as follows:

  • Life-saving role:

When you take a medicine, use it as directed by the pharmacist. Wrong dosage can drag you from recovery to a fatal condition!

  • A pharmacist is indebted:

Yes! When you visit a pharmacist you hand over the key of your health to him. A pharmacist is indebted to you as he owes your cure and is duty-bound to improve your health conditions.

  • Drug formulation:

Your drug is made in its finest form which is receptive and benign for your body. A pharmacist manufactures the drug in its most effective formulation type to help you cure!

  • A pharmacist is well-informed:

Your pharmacist knows everything about the drug he prescribes to you. A drug may have side-effects that can harm you. You may need to be cautious before using a medicine as it may harm you more than benefit you. Ask your pharmacist before using it and pay heed to his advice!

  • Patient-pharmacist relationship:

Pharmacists are your confidants. They keep peaceful and easy-going relations with their patients as they try their best to present amicably and offer the best possible help they can while playing their part of role.

  • Medicine organizers:

Did you know that your pharmacist can organize your medicines as well? A pharmacist helps you out with medicine organizers if you face difficulty in taking medicines with the right dose on the right time.

  • Immunization:

Your vaccines are prepared by your pharmacists! In this way a pharmacist saves you from infectious diseases that can attack you in future.

  • Disposal of drugs:

Some of the drugs after expired can prove environment toxic and need proper disposal. Hand over such drugs to your community pharmacists so that the drug is disposed safely.